вторник, 18 августа 2009 г.

Lots of fixes, we become closer to release

arc1.arc updated:Included All2Arc v0.52 2009-08-15:
  • Cancel all operations after any of external programs fails
  • For temporary files use directory obtained from TEMP environment variable

вторник, 4 августа 2009 г.

Support for non-solid external compression

arc1.arc updated:
  • added translation support for 40+ strings. dear translators, please update your files
  • arc.ini: adding "solid=0" to external compressor definition forces FreeArc to create separate solid block for every file compressed by this method (or by chain starting with this compression method):
[External compressor:jpg]
mem = 10
packcmd = timer packjpg $$arcdatafile$$.jpg
unpackcmd = timer packjpg $$arcdatafile$$.pjg
datafile = $$arcdatafile$$.jpg
packedfile = $$arcdatafile$$.pjg
solid = 0

воскресенье, 2 августа 2009 г.

Improved arc.groups processing

arc1.arc updated:
  • line "$precomp $compressed" in arc.group now denote $precomp if such group presents in current compression method and $compressed otherwise
This allows fine-grain definition of compression groups, for example:

$precomp $compressed

files in second group will be included in group $compressed in -m4 compression mode, but in $precomp in -max compression mode

Lot of small cleanup changes

arc1.arc updated:
  • GUI: after operation was completed, Cancel becomes the default key in progress dialog so you can close it by pressing just Enter/Space
  • fixed bug in dict (addressing memory beyond end of buffer) and a few UI problems
  • included latest InnoSetup scripts & dll
  • Added license info to About and console help
  • facompress.dll: now loaded only from directory where FreeArc executable resides since loading something from PATH may lead to FreeArc versions incompatibility
  • LZMA: decompressor now writes data in 8mb chunks (instead of dictsize) that means smoother progress indicator
  • error messages: now reports "read error" or "write error" instead of "i/o error"

понедельник, 27 июля 2009 г.

Now errors and warnings are shown in GUI and execution paused before exit if necessary

arc1.arc updated, with issue 62 implemented:

added option --pause-before-exit with the following settings:
on - always make a pause
off - never make a pause
on-warnings - make pause if there were any warnings due operation
on-error - if program exits due to error

default settings for the option:
off - for console mode
on - for "test" command in GUI mode
on-warnings - for other commands in GUI mode

in FileManager mode this option is ignored

also, errors and warnings are displayed inside GUI window (in non-FileManager mode), so you can see them both due operation and after it was finished

finally, Escape key now may be used to exit program (in non-FileManager mode), like Alt-F4. when you exit program after operation was finished, "Abort operation?" don't